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GOOD BUG team like to eat, believe in the power of food to unite people around the table and think, that delicious and healthy food is the key element of the happy and active life. Also, we enormously like kids and teach them these values through edible education. We created a very special project and called it GOOD BUG cooking school:

  • our cooking school is mobile – we arrange our classes in any place around ShenZhen;
  • our cooking school combines alive learning with professional chefs, barmen and event planners, elements of all the sciences and funny entertainments;
  • it`s not obligatory to have a full set of kitchen equipment to host our classes – we provide all the necessary equipment, ingredients, staff and cleaning services.

Our main directions of activities are the following.


We believe, that the earlier we will teach our kids to eat and cook healthy and at the same time delicious food, the better quality of life they will get. That is why our professionals developed the whole GOOD BUG CLASSROOM COOKING program for schools and educational organizations for kids. To learn more about bringing GOOD BUG CLASSROOM COOKING program to your school or organization, please, click HERE.


GOOD BUG is a mobile cooking school, which means that all our clients are extremely lucky! Because wherever you decide to hold the party for your kids, family or friends – we can easily do it. We have a huge experience in event planning in general, and if you are interested in holding the unforgettable cooking party, please, click HERE for more details.


Let`s imagine, that you host a party for your kids, but do not want to hold a massive project with a lot of entertainment and decorations. But the only thing, without which it`s impossible to imagine a good party, is, of course, a party buffet. Because everybody likes treatments and delicious party food! GOOD BUG team have got all the necessary facilities to prepare just a perfect party buffet for your kids and their guests. Our staff, equipment and knowledge are at your disposal! Please, click HERE to see our catering offers and experience in details.